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The Home Design Enthusiast’s Guide to an Affordable Remodel

Do you need to turn your home into a beautiful space without breaking the bank? Remodeling can be expensive, though it does not always have to be. If you know just a few hints and tricks, you can have that interior-designed look on a shoestring budget.

All you need to know are a few hints and handy tips. Read on as we discuss how to create an affordable remodel in your home.


One cost-effective way of remodeling your home is to address the lighting. In relaxing areas such as the living room, try to install soft yellow lighting. In study areas, go for brighter options.

Make as much of the natural light as you possibly can. Install new curtains or blinds that allow more light into the room and give greater control over closing it off. Finally, use mirrors to direct the flow of natural light around the room.


One way to transform a room with cheap home materials is to create a feature wall. This involves wallpapering one wall only. As you are only choosing to do one wall, you can invest in high-quality paper with unique designs and still keep the price down.

Tie the color and design into the paper with the rest of your room. All you will need are the dimensions of the wall you want to paper, and the people at the store can work out how much you will need.


One of the most overlooked DIY house projects is the application of a fresh coat of paint. This can really give your house sparkle and shine, making it seem cleaner and refreshed.

If you are trying to sell the property, then opt for a neutral shade. This makes it easier for people to imagine their own belongings and style on the property. If not, you may choose to go for a bright color on the ceiling or a feature wall.


Flooring is one area that can get old and tired very easily, especially if you have a lot of footfall through the property. High traffic areas such as entrances and corridors are not only easily worn down but are the areas that people see the most in the house.

Vinyl plank flooring is a very easy fix. It lays easily, giving a clean look that is durable and lasts. In addition, it can come in many different colors and texture types to fit in with the aesthetic of the home.


One of the cheapest methods of home remodeling is to declutter. Go through your belongings and furniture. If it no longer serves a purpose, then put it on a local listing or auction site and get it sold.

Invest in some storage options. Any items that remain can be tucked away into chests, trunks, and shelving should be.

Starting Your Affordable Remodel

For an affordable remodel, start with the declutter. Once you have this, adjust your lighting and make decisions on what else needs fixing in the home. To keep costs down, you can stagger this and do it in stages, also minimizing disruption.

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