The Main Causes Of Armillaria Root Rot Of Apple Trees And Its Treatment

There’s nothing like a crisp, juicy apple that you grew yourself. It’s absolutely the best thing in the world. However, being an apple grower also means having to watch out for diseases that can cripple or destroy your hard-earned crop. Armillaria root rot of apple, for example, is a serious disease that can be difficult to manage once established. Luckily, it has some very distinct symptoms that you can monitor your orchard (or solitary apple tree!) for year round. Read More

All About Apples That Pollinate Themselves Apples

Apple trees are great assets to have in your backyard. Who doesn’t love picking fresh fruit from their own trees? And who doesn’t like apples? More than one gardener, however, has planted a beautiful apple tree in their garden and waited, with bated breath, for it to bear fruit…and they’ve kept waiting forever. This is because almost all apple trees are dioecious, which means they need cross pollination from another plant in order to bear fruit. If you plant one apple tree and there are no others around for miles, chances are you’re never going to see any fruit…usually. While rare, there are actually some apples that purportedly pollinate themselves. Keep reading to learn more about self-fruiting apple trees. Read More

How Long Can We Store Apples

If you have your own apple tree, then you know you will harvest far more than can be eaten in one sitting. Sure, you may have passed off a bunch on family and friends, but chances are good that you still have some left. So how long do apples last? What is the best way to preserve fresh apples? Read on to find out how to store apples properly for the longest shelf life. Read More

The Effects of Apple Chlorosis and its Treatment

Some fruits are prey to a host of insects and diseases. How do you tell what is wrong when apple leaves are discolored? It could be a myriad of diseases or even stippling from sucking insects. In the case of apples with chlorosis, the discoloration is fairly specific and methodical, making it possible to diagnose this deficiency. Usually, a combination of conditions need to occur in order for chlorosis to happen. Learn what these are and how to tell if your discolored apple leaves are chlorosis or something else. Read More

How to Manage and Treat Apple Crown Gall

Take all the care in the world not to damage that backyard apple tree. Apple tree crown gall (Agrobacterium tumefaciens) is a disease caused by a bacterium in the soil. It enters the tree through wounds, often wounds inflicted accidentally by the gardener. If you have noticed crown gall on an apple tree, you’ll want to know about apple crown gall treatment. Read on for information on how to manage apple crown gall. Read More

How to Grow Cortland Apple And its Uses

What are Cortland apples? Cortland apples are cold hardy apples originating from New York, where they were developed at an agricultural breeding program in 1898. Cortland apples are a cross between Ben Davis and McIntosh apples. These apples have been around long enough to be considered heirlooms that have passed from generation to generation. Read on and learn how to grow Cortland apples. Read More