Learn How to Grow and Care for Honeygold Apple Trees

Enjoying fresh apples, especially ones picked from your own tree is one of the joys of autumn. People living in northern areas are often told that they cannot grow apple varieties like Golden Delicious as they cannot handle cold temperatures. However, for those gardeners living in colder spots who wish to grow apples, there us another cold hardy substitute called Honeygold Apples. Honeygold apple trees can grow and produce successfully as far north as USDA hardiness zone 3. These apples can take low temperatures of -50 degrees F. (-45 C.). They have greenish yellow skin and are ready to pick in October. It also tastes similar to Golden Delicious, but just a bit blander. In fact, one source also describes it as Golden Delicious with honey on it! Read More

All about Akane Apple Care and Uses

The Akane apples are a Japanese variety prized for their crisp flavor, early ripening, and disease resistance. The trees are quite cold hardy and attractive. If you’re looking to add an apple cultivar to your garden that is disease resistant and can extend your harvesting period, this is the apple for you. Read in to learn more about Akane apple care and growing requirements. Read More

Tips on Growing a Pristine Apple Tree

Having your own farm of organic apples to grow and use in making hot apple pies and apple sauce is a luxury not many can afford. However, with all the right information, growing Pristine apple trees is quite easy and simple. Pristine apple is a fairly young cultivar from the 1970s. It was introduced as the result of trials at Purdue University. These apple trees bear fruit early in the season and have a long storage life. Here are some tips on growing Pristine apples so that you can enjoy the crisp, tangy flavor of the fruit in just a few years. Read More