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15+ Rustic kitchen ideas

The rustic kitchen design is also traditional in nature but takes different inspirations from specific regions, each producing a distinct style and signature look such as the Lodge and Mountain style, desert and adobe style, farm and country style and Southwestern style and Old West style. Rustic kitchens also often have a regional American flair: Southwestern, Mountain West or Pacific Northwest or Adirondack, but we often see this style in log houses and cabins.

The rustic kitchen style is also known for its stunning natural wooden kitchen cabinetry which exudes a rugged, down home appeal and comfort. The rustic kitchen cabinet style is also not that different from the country kitchen style as both exude warmth, comfort and natural coziness. Both styles also project a timeless elegance, however, when it comes to the aesthetics, the rustic kitchen cabinet style is more unrefined.

Rustic Stone Kitchen

Stone may be the changing feature of rustic kitchen. It is not that common in interior designs Use it in focal areas. Don’t cover entire wall with stone in order to have a beautiful design, just cover some portion of the wall. If you don’t trust your instincts ask a professional for help and get some inspiration from these decors.

When Rustic And Modern Collide

There’s nothing more charming than a small kitchen. A rustic kitchen with wooden elements can pair perfectly with contemporary elements. Open Shelving above the worktop is enough for plates, cups, jars, etc, wooden worktop and wooden open shelving with modern cabinets gives the feel of rustic modern kitchen. If you have large kitchen you can also use steel appliances with rustic wood.

Painted Wooden Cabinetry

If you have rustic kitchen doesn’t mean you have to cover with bare wood. Paint walls or cabinets with color of your choice, i will recommend – green, blue, red and brown which will give  impression of an authentic kitchen.

Rustic Country Kitchen Decor

This black and white kitchen has a hardwood floor. Here walls and cabinets are white with black worktop. Here hanging light is covered with black and white style and checked napkins giving playful touch to the kitchen.

Marble Rustic Kitchen

Marble with rustic looks gorgeous. However, if you want give marble with rustic pair it with wooden floor and use white cabinets to give a modern touch. Use Bold stools or wooden stools to complete rustic feel.

Crisp White Rustic Kitchen

All white kitchen is always best in any category. Here white is with rustic look. White always look clean and crisp even it is rustic or not. You can also give a pop of color to any item you like, here we colored white cabinets to blue. For more rustic feel you can also use one item of dark wood, here we used dark wood wardrobe.

Custom Kitchen Island

If you have small kitchen and you are thinking that it doesn’t have small room or enough space then you are wrong, the truth is there is always enough space for an island. The key is creating a custom island that works for you. Choose wood which is suitable for your kitchen and you are good to go.

Lake House Kitchen

Main highlight of this kitchen is rustic wood wall. Here we chose stainless steel cabinetry and some more space to stand freely. Open shelving above the worktop is enough for keeping plates, cups, knifes, spoons, etc. You can also add a small bar like we did in the middle of worktop. Using wooden chairs with leather cover and wooden floor will give more rustic feeling.

Concrete Countertop

Mostly people use wooden countertop with rustic kitchen, though rustic kitchen is suitable with any kind of countertop, but with concrete countertop it is always amazing. Kitchen with Concrete countertop lends a distinctive look to it. Use cabinets for keeping kitchen utensils, giving you extra space you need.

Uneven Countertop

Using worn pieces of wood and natural stones makes the kitchen rustic. The varnished countertop provides glossy finish that lends a more modern look to the kitchen without overlapping the rustic interior.

Rustic Kitchen In Contemporary House

In contemporary house rustic kitchen add charm and elegance.It proves that rustic look can get along well with any kinds of kitchen. Even this island features stainless steel cabinets with clean handlebars that add modern look to the distressed wood

Stunning Stone Rustic Kitchen

The natural textures of stones make them look great in any kitchen style including the rustic look. This kitchen island uses natural stone. The dark brown countertop looks great with the natural stones. Stones are so versatile that they can adjust with anything like marble, a piece of log, you name it!

White Rustic Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinets is also a benefit for an extra storage, when you are running out of space. Extra cabinet will give you an extra countertop, you can prepare and serve meals too.

Tree Style – Rustic Kitchen

This kitchen looks amazing and its also in unique style. When stepping into it, you will feel like you are inside a tree. The legs of kitchen is inspired by trees. Here countertop is uneven as trees are also uneven. In addition, chairs and cabinets are also inspired by trees.

Elegant Rustic Kitchen.

This kitchen is not all made of wood but it stills look modern and rustic. The main highlight of this kitchen is stone. The lamps which are attached with ceiling are usually in modern kitchen. The pattern stone and wood represent Elegant Rustic Kitchen.

Unsophisticated Rustic Kitchen

You have small kitchen ?  No problem. All people think small kitchens can’t be good at all, but the truth is small kitchens are best if they are unsophisticated. This kitchen easy and really cheap to make. This rustic kitchen island idea may be your best bet.

Pine Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets are most important thing in any type of kitchen. People who love the natural, simple and raw beauty, then pine is the best kitchen cabinetry they can explore.

Rustic Cedar Kitchen Cabinets

Cedar is one of the most reliable material for interior and exterior applications. Rustic cedar kitchen cabinets are typically found in log homes and cabins. Cedar is very durable and resilience. Here all kitchen wooden items are made from cedar.