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10 Most Functional Yet Luxe Office Window Curtain Ideas

Office window curtain or “draperies” are materials used for blocking sunlight/drafts and maintaining privacy. Thus, during the daytime curtains control the amount of sunlight that enters office rooms. After dark and on cloudy days, curtains provide privacy and make the room attractive. Curtains come in various materials, colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes. Curtains are used for cleanliness, ultraviolet-rays deterioration, oil-and-dust retention, noise absorption, fire resistance, and life-span. Measurement of curtain depends on the size of the window, the material used, type and weight of curtain. The office window curtain can be moved by hands, with cords, pressing buttons or remote-controlled computers. Curtain tie-backs are used to hold curtains out of the window’s way. Here are the 10 most functional yet luxury office window curtain ideas.

{ 1 } Colorful Printed Office Window Curtains

Colorful Printed Office Window Curtains
You can use a colorful printed office window curtain made of soft material. This would allow the streaming of sunlight into the office room during the day time. Use printed material having symmetrical geometrical patterns. These can be made with thin and thick lines of dark Olive green on a white background. On the topmost level, use one single row of patterned material for covering the width of the window. Under this layer, cover top to bottom the entire length of the window with pleated material. To hold the curtain in place, place a cushion covered in a matching Olive cover.

{ 2 } Rich Velvet Curtains For Windows

Rich Velvet Curtains For Windows
Use rich red-colored velvet curtains for windows of your very special office room. This room has large-sized arch-shaped white wooden framed glass windows overlooking the garden with patio. The ceiling of this room is bright red. Matching this, there is a red-colored cushioned chair left at the center of one window. Next to this chair, there is a square-shaped self-designed wooden table. In front of these, there is a long rectangular white-colored wooden table with a glass top. On this, you can place a glass-vase of red roses, a standing white-shaded table-lamp, and a laptop.

{ 3 } Elegant Curtains With Window Blinds

Elegant Curtains With Window Blinds
In the long rectangular office room with two wide windows, use elegant curtains with window blinds. Both window curtains and blinds are matching the dark brown color. Hang thin wooden binds from top to bottom covering the entire window. You can use cords to open, draw those up or down and control the amount light. About 6 inches or more above the height of the windows, place continuous wooden rods. You can use curtain rings made of brass to hang three sets of brown curtains. During the evening, those curtains can be drawn to make the room comfortable and attractive.

{ 4 } Pleated Curtains For Office Window

Pleated Curtains For Office Window
Working women sporting pink-colored cushioned chairs in their office rooms can use pink-colored pleated curtains. The material used for making the pink-colored pleated curtains should be soft and easy to fold. Those pleats should be held together with darker colored and stronger metallic material. You can also hang ornaments from the base to hold the pink-colored pleats in position.

{ 5 } Rustic Look With Jute Curtains

Rustic Look With Jute Curtains
Make office window curtains out of jute material to make them look rustic. One inch above the top of the window frame strongly fixes a long wooden rod. Use brass curtain rings to hang the jute curtain covering the entire window from top to bottom.

{ 6 } Silk Curtains For Rich Look

Silk Curtains For Rich Look
Right below the grey-colored ceiling, place a long curtain rod and fasten it strongly. Hang two halves of silk curtains for a rich look. The pattern on the silk material can be bright yellow abstract design against a white background. Matching the curtain, you can place two wooden chairs with bright yellow-colored legs.

{ 7 } Window Curtains With Matching Shades

Window Curtains With Matching Shades
In your office room, combine curtains with matching shades. Cover three-fourth the height of translucent glass windows with dark brown colored floral motif designed material. On top and sides of the entire window, cover with white geometric patterned against dark-brown background material. The material covering the top across the width of the window can be about afoot. Under it, pleated material can hang from top to floor on either side of the window frame. Use solid brown colored curtains in four portions hanging from under the topmost level. You can draw these curtains whenever required when dark after sundown or cloudy days.

{ 8 } Lavish Curtains For Office Decor

Lavish Curtains For Office Decor
You need lavish curtains matching your exclusively well-decorated office room with expensive furniture. These include expensive carved wooden bookshelves, bureaus, cabinets, wooden-framed mirrors. The main study area has a well-designed and polished study desk with a globe. On one side of the table, there is a comfortable leather-cushioned chair. Another similar chair is placed a little further away near the large-sized arch-shaped glass window. Another part of the premises can be viewed through the window covered with lavish curtains. Its color matches that of the wood used for making furniture and floor. The two halves of the curtain are tied back to the walls with ribbons. Upperparts of the curtain are in curved pleats while lower parts are in straight pleats.

{ 9 } Sheer Curtains For Home Office

Sheer Curtains For Home Office
Everyone can use sheer curtains for the home office to install and use. From the ceiling, hang the dark grey colored curtain guard made of wood.  It is easy re is a strong rod to hang the curtain with rings or hooks. Attach the curtain made of soft cloth or transparent material to allow light into the room. Pattern created in alternating horizontal lines. Thick grey bordered with two thin white lines and thick white with two thin grey lines.

{ 10 } Layered Curtains For Office Window

Lavish Curtains For Office Decor
You need to fix two curtain rods for putting up your layered curtains for the office window. On the inner layer, you need to place white lacy curtains to let in the sunlight during the day. On the outer layer, you can place a thicker material curtain having color matching or contrasting the carpet. You can have two black lines running horizontally to break the monotony of the color.