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10 Must Have Garden Tools That You Need In Your Garden

Gardening involves growing and cultivating saplings of trees, plants, and shrubs in fertile soil near your surroundings. Gardens are made and well-manicured especially because these provide serene beauty and fresh fragrance. There is a wide variety of gardens including ornamental, rock and container and others. Gardens growing large scale flowers, fruit trees, herbs, vegetables are cultivated for commercial use. Two types of garden tools are available – hand tools and power tools. Hand tools are used with bare hands for growing small scale gardens. These include growing indoor plants in containers inside the home or office. You can grow flowering plants, trees, and shrubs in the land surrounding your home, and office. Meanwhile, power tools requiring electricity or petrol are usually used for large scale commercial agricultural land.

{ 1 } Hand Gloves As Garden Tools

Hand Gloves As Garden Tools
Hand glove is the most essential garden tool that you should use. Here, the illustration has shown a pair of hand gloves that snugly fit to acquire flexibility. The pair of gloves is made with blue-checked material and has a red border on top. Wearing hand gloves whenever you do gardening is a must because these protect you from microbes. The soil has several types of micro-organisms including bacteria and fungi. Additionally, various insects (ants, earthworms, etc.) dwell in the soil. Your hand gloves act as a protective barrier preventing any harmful infection.

{ 2 } Shears For Trimming

Shears For Trimming
Shears is a hand tool generally made of strong steel having two sharp-edged cutters. There are spring and button for easy manipulation. You can use shears for trimming and removing dead, decaying and infected parts of plants. Your plants remain healthy and disease-free. They look fresh, green and glossy producing flowers and bearing fruits. When you have to remove very thin branches you may use a pair of sharp scissors. However, using your scissors is not recommended for cutting thick branches. After trimming, ensure that the branch of the plant is left with a clean cut. You should use a sharp pair of shears that cuts in one go. Be careful never to touch the blade. Store the tool after securely closing it and keep it out of reach from children.

{ 3 } Garden Rake For Cleaning

Garden Rake For Cleaning
Garden rake for cleaning is a hand tool that all gardeners should keep. It works like a comb and removes all unwanted loosened items from the ground. Residents of the suburbs enjoy sporting a well-maintained garden in their backyard. You can use the garden rake for cleaning regularly for a spotless lawn.

{ 4 } Lawn Mowers

Lawn Mowers For Garden
Lawn Mowers are a kind of power tool for manicuring your lawn in your home and office backyard. After switching on, you just need to walk with the lawnmower to do its job. This tool can be easily manipulated for achieving satisfying results for all-sized lawns. Here, after using the lawnmower, the grass has been cut leaving uniform striped design.

{ 5 } Hand Trowel For Gardening

Hand Trowel For Gardening
As the name suggests, the hand trowel for gardening is a hand tool for planting. Initially, you want to grow sapling of any plant or tree in a small container. When the plant has outgrown in the clay or fiber pot, you need to re-pot it. You can use a larger-sized pot or you can transplant it in the garden. In both cases, you need a hand trowel to slightly dig and remove the topsoil. Remove the plant from the container and gently place it in the space created. Thereafter, use the hand trowel to add the surrounding soil ensuring the plant is standing securely. Also, these hand garden tools are easier to organize and store.

{ 6 } Shovel For Digging

Shovel For Digging
Shovel for digging is a hand tool that is required for gardening. You can purchase a shovel that is sold with two-rod handles of varying lengths. You can use this to suit your needs for digging. Since the topsoil is subjected to heavy rains, it is eroded and infertile. Before planting or replanting, you have to dig to expose the fertile soil below. Sometimes, you need to add fertilizer around the base of the plant or tree. Then, use the shovel with appropriate handle and dig to add fertilizers. Selecting the handle depends on how deep you need to dig with the shovel.

{ 7 } Hand Fork For Garden

Hand Fork For Garden
The hand fork for gardening is a hand tool. Generally, the hand fork has a wooden handle and 2-3 teeth. You can use this essential gardening tool for gentle and close digging. Unwanted weeds often choke potted plants as well as plants in the garden. Gardeners familiarize themselves with good plants for saving and bad plants for removing. Use the hand fork garden tools to gently dig and de-root the unwanted weeds. You can use hand fork to slightly dig for adding fertilizers for healthier plant growth. In outside gardens, there are gardeners’ friendly earthworms that loosen the soil they live in. Since earthworms are absent in potting soil, gardeners need to use hand fork to loosen it.

{ 8 } Pruners As Garden Tools

Pruners As Garden Tools
Pruners are hand tools resembling shears for trimming but, their designing differs.
Pruners do not have any spring or button like those present in shears gardening tool. You can open and close the pruner as and when required. Here, the steel pruner has two red handles held together by a steel bridge. The two blades move apart when you use it to let you prune whatever you want. After use, when you close the pruner for storage, the two blades meet each other. Comparing the pruners with shears, the most noted difference is in their blades. Both blades of the shears are thinner and sharper allowing you to trim. Meanwhile, the upper blade of the pruner is thinner and sharper than the bottom thicker blade. While you prune by the upper blade, the lower blade cushions the stem.

{ 9 } Hori Hori Digging Tool

Hori Hori Digging Tool
Hori-Hori digging tool that originated in Japan is a hand tool. You can also call it a soil knife or weeding knife. This tool is available with a wooden handle and a heavy serrated multi-purpose steel blade. Both sides of the blade are extremely sharp and end in a semi-sharp point. The size of this tool varies from 11-15 inches depending on the size of the handle. Typically, the blade is around 67/8” × 13/4”. This stainless blade is often polished till mirror-finish sold with a scabbard. Since the blade is as sharp as a razor, it cuts through roots and soil. Hori-Hori tool is mostly used for digging. Other gardening uses are as a knife, a saw and measuring tool for planting bulbs.

{ 10 } Border Spade For Garden

Border Spade For Garden
As the name, Border Spade suggests this hand tool is specially made for border gardening. The tool comes with a long wooden handle and a narrower sized than Shovels for digging. This tool comes handy to gardeners who like to maintain a narrow flowering bed bordering the lawn.