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Top 5 Ultimate Smart Home Kitchen Appliances

There are some tech appliances to make the kitchen little smarter. There are a ton of products out there but we want to show you five best kitchen appliances.

Smart trash can


It’s not the typical trash can. This is the most advanced one.  When you go near to the can it will automatically open. It has also a voice sensor.

Amazon echo show


There are a ton of echoes available now including the smaller echo spot. It has a touchscreen but the show has a large 7-inch display so it’s a perfect companion for your kitchen. It can do everything like playback your favorite music while you cook, control smart lighting and even take a video call. You can also set a timer for your oven. If you don’t know the recipes, you can also find it in this.

Cutting board with digital scale


This is not really smart but it’s smart because it’s convenient. This is the combo of the cutting board and an integrated digital scale. So you can easily follow your recipes. This is a really great way to get approximate weights on meat vegetables and other ingredients. It’s also very affordable so if you need a cutting board this is worth checking out.

Smart coffee machine


It has great features and a really smarter than a normal coffee machine. It is all controlled with an app. It is connected with wifi. You can set the temperature according to your taste. You can also set the timer. The bonus is that it has Alexa support, so you can directly tell Alexa for the timer.

Amazon Dash


It’s an inexpensive way to get Alexa into your kitchen. It’s very cheap and affordable. You can put this anywhere including your refrigerator because it’s magnetic. It has a built-in speaker so you can ask Alexa anything that you want. Amazon is really smart they want your money and they’re gonna get it.