A Brief Guide to Growing Granny Smith Apple Trees

Granny Smith apples are the quintessential tart green apples well-known for their unique, bright green skin. Their perfectly balanced tart and sweet taste makes them quite popular among people. Many people love growing granny smith apple trees in their homes particularly to enjoy these apples fresh from their gardens. Plus, they can also be enjoyed for their culinary use in a variety of dishes. Read More

How to Treat Apple Cotton Root Rot Symptoms

Apple trees are considered one of the most susceptible to plant diseases. And apple cotton root rot is a fungal disease that affects the apples and some other plants the most. It is caused by a very harmful plant disease organism called Phymatotrichum omnivorum. So, if you have apple trees in your garden or backyard, you’re better off knowing everything you can about this disease. Read on to find out more about this the cause, symptoms, and cure for this disease. Read More

Growing Autumn Crisp Apple Trees at Home

If you want to make your gardens more welcoming, planting vegetables and fruit trees is a good option. But with so many different options, choosing which ones to grow can be a tough decision. However, many people love growing apples because of their tolerance to a wide range of growing zones. Also, fresh apples make for the perfect sweet and tart fruit to grow at home. Among the many varieties of apples, on variety called Autumn Crisp is quite popular. Read More

How to Plant Apple Tree Cuttings Easily

There are many plants that can be grown from the cuttings of the existing plant of the desired species. Apple trees can also be propagated from cuttings, although it’s not common. Apples are usually started from seeds which are grafted onto hardier root-stocks. But planting apple trees from cuttings is also possible. However, you may end up with trees showing different characteristics from the parent plants. Let us learn more about apple tree rooting. Read More

Things You Need to Know About Apple Trees Growing in the Wild

Apples are mostly cultivated in farms and greenhouses. It’s not often that we hear about apples growing anywhere else. That’s why if you come upon an apple tree growing in a wild area far away from home, it is quite surprising. Such an unusual sight may raise many questions for queer minds. It may make you wonder whether apple trees can grow in the wild. In this article, we bring you all the information on wild apple trees while giving an overview of its different types. What exactly are wild apples? Are the fruits from these trees edible? Read on to find out more about wild apple trees. Read More