All You Need to Know About Snapp Stayman Apples

Snapp Stayman apples are one of the most loved apple varieties today. These delicious dual-purpose apples have a sweet-tangy flavor and a crispy texture that makes them ideal for cooking, snacking, or making juice or cider. These attractive apples have a globe-like shape with a bright shiny skin and creamy white flesh inside. If you’re looking to add apple trees to your garden or orchard, Snapp Stayman are the perfect choice! Read on to learn more about this apple cultivar. Read More

How to Grow Braeburn Apples At Home

When it comes to growing apples at home, Braeburn apple trees are one of the most popular apple varieties. The reasons for their popularity include their delicious fruit, dwarf habit, and cold hardiness. If you’re looking for a delicious, easy-to-grow apple tree for US hardiness zones 5 to 8, Braeburn apples are the perfect choice for you. Read on for more information on Braeburn apple trees and how to grow them. Read More

Cameo Apple Trees and How to Grow Them

When you have so many different varieties of apple to grow, selecting one can be a challenging task. The best thing to do is get acquainted with some of the varieties that are offered so that you have a good sense of what you’re getting into. One such variety that is very popular and beloved is the Cameo apple which came into the world purely by chance. Keep reading to find out more about Cameo apple trees and how to grow them. Read More

Common Red Apple Varieties That We Love

Much to the delight of apple lovers, there are many varieties of the fruit available. Each of these varieties are chosen for cultivation based on one or more outstanding criteria. These criteria usually include flavor, storage ability, sweetness or tartness, late or early season, etc. Even in red apple cultivars, not all red apples have the same attributes. However, choosing which apples to grow in your garden depends on your personal taste. Read on to find out more about different red apple varieties. Read More

How to Grow and Care for Sweet Sixteen Apple Trees

Nowadays, many gardeners are using a mixture of ornamental and edible plants to enliven their garden space. Having such multi-functional beds gives them the opportunity to grow their favorite fruits and vegetable at home organically instead of depending on grocery stores for fresh produce. Apples are one of the most popular fruits grown at home. One apple variety that gives plenty of fresh fruit while adding beauty to the landscape is the Sweet Sixteen. Let us learn more about how to grow and care for this apple tree. Read More

The Different Varieties of Yellow Apple Trees

When we think of apples, the most common image that comes to mind is that of a shiny, red fruit like the one in Snow White’s tale. However, there are other varieties of apples that are green or yellow in color. And there’s something special about the crisp, slightly tart taste of a yellow apple. While yellow apple cultivars are very few, they stand out because of their color and taste. If you’re looking to add some yellow cultivars to your orchard, here are some outstanding varieties you can go for. Read More

Powdery Mildew on Apple Trees and How to Control It

If you’re an avid gardener, you will know the amazing feeling of achievement when your trees bloom flowers or bear fruits. Imagine working really hard to grow healthy and beautiful apples, only to find your trees not bearing fruits or drying up. The first indication of something wrong with your apple trees is if you notice that even in spring, your buds aren’t opening. If you find them covered in a powdery substance, which is a white to light grey powder a few days later, it means your trees have been attacked by powdery mildew. Read More